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Women worldwide being organized for Afghan women

Concerns about the rights of Afghan women and girls are growing in the international community after the Taliban's recapture of the country in Afghanistan. Vice-President of Istanbul Bar Association Atty. Nazan Moroğlu stated that the women's movement is organized for Afghan women and she supported the call of the Graduate Women International (GWI). Moroğlu said, “Violation of women's rights is a human rights violation and is a global problem. "Governments and international organizations must take action," she said.


After the recapture of Afghanistan by the Taliban, international concerns about women's rights in the country are growing. Finally, the statement of the spokesperson of the organization that "the rights of women and minorities and freedom of expression under Sharia law will be respected" further increased the concerns. Making a statement on the subject, Vice-President of Istanbul Bar Association Atty. Nazan Moroğlu emphasized that women all over the world, as in Turkey, are one heart for the rights of Afghan women and they are concerned about the developments.

Moroğlu stated that the Graduate Women International (GWI), which has been working to support women's access to education and to make equality and peace permanent since its establishment in 1919 after the World War 1, made a call to international organizations. In the call that GWI invites international organizations such as UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, WTO, ILO and World Bank to take action on governments, it is stated that this major human rights violation against Afghan women and girls must be prevented.

'Governments and international organizations must act'

Stating that she supported this important call of GWI, Atty. Moroğlu continued her statement saying: “As in Turkey, women all around the world are watching the developments in Afghanistan with concern. The sanctions of the Taliban against women and girls are medieval. These sanctions threaten the gains Afghan women and girls have made over the past 20 years. Governments and international organizations have a role to play for the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. Violation of women's rights is a human rights violation and is a global problem. Now is the time to act, not to watch. Medieval sanctions against women can never be tolerated. Afghan women are not alone. We will raise our voice. Women are getting organized around the world. We go on with our struggle for women's human rights and equality, for peace and democracy.”