• Modified Date : 19.06.2020 13:31
  • Created Date : 19.06.2020 13:31
  • Activity Date : 19.06.2020


While it is necessary to tackle dozens of problems such as the pandemic conditions in our country, economic problems and unemployment, amendment in the Turkish Attorneyship Code and the intervention to the electoral systems of the bar associations is considered as a priority for the political power.

These amendments, which they find ideal to change the agenda, are discussed in television channels and newspaper columns.  It is understood that it is aimed at creating a certain perception with these programs, which are not well-informed on the issue, and in which the relevant authorities are not given a place.

As an indication of the absolute will of our 80 Bar Associations, we have repeatedly insisted on our request for this FETÖ project to be abandoned as it is, from the very beginning, is aimed at segmenting, destroying, silencing and capturing.

As of today, we find that all meetings have remained inconclusive.  

With the determination we have revealed in our 19 May and 1 June declarations, we are starting the action process as of today by standing as we have promised to our colleagues and our people.

This new process is the expression of our loyalty to the signature we made as 80 Bar Associations in Turkey.

Within this framework;

We have decided:

To declare our will to start the action process with this statement we made today,

To resort to the Board of Directors  [of Istanbul Bar Association] to invite the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (UTBA) to an extraordinary meeting in order to fulfill its "historical responsibility" in this process,

To start "Defense March" [by the Presidents of the Bar Associations in Turkey each departing from their own provinces towards Ankara] on 19 June 2020,

To submit their demand, if any, for an extraordinary meeting to the UTBA by the presidents of the bar associations,

To explain the loss of rights the citizens will suffer in case the bill is enacted by putting an informative ad to the newspapers on Sunday, June 21.

To engage in informative activities for the public using the interaction power of the social media tools,

To make “Standing President” action on the way leading to the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) in Ankara on the day of the bill coming to the TGNA Commission,

To work in the TGNA to file an annulment case in the Constitutional Court in case the bill is enacted,

To keep a watch under the name of “Last Watch” during the negotiation of the file at the Constitutional Court.

As Istanbul Bar Association, apart from these actions that will be developed in cooperation with all our participating bar associations, we are also determined to conduct a separate study in cooperation with the professional chambers in our city to emphasize the expression of our determination regarding this process. On the other hand, in the face of other possible developments in the process, new actions can be taken.

Struggling for the current developments to be in line with the honorable past of our Bar Association is the main reason for our existence.