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Call for Collaboration from President Durakoğlu to Athens Bar Association

President of Istanbul Bar Association Atty. Av. Mehmet Durakoğlu sent a letter of request to the President of Athens Bar Association Dimitris Vervesos for a possible collaboration between the Istanbul and Athens Bar Associations concerning the human rights violations happening at the Turkish-Greek Border.

Monitoring the situation at the border since February 28, 2020, Istanbul Bar Association Human Rights Center has conducted several extensive field visits to the area to examine the latest updates on the situation and to record human rights violations, to meet with the relevant NGOs, migration authorities and local law enforcement officers at the site, which came out as a report. This monitoring report by the Human Rights Center of Istanbul Bar Association was sent by President Durakoğlu to President Vervesos in attachment to the letter dated March 9, 2020.


Please click here for the letter dated March 9, 2020

Please click here for the monitoring report of the Human Rights Center