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The terrorist attack which happened this time in Beşiktaş on 10 December 2016 resulted in the loss of lives of many security officers and civilian citizens. As Istanbul Bar Association, we wish mercy and grace to our citizens who lost their lives, and condolences and patience to their families.  We wish quick recovery to those who were wounded in the same attack.

That this attack was made by the blast of a bomb following a football game and that it directly targeted our security forces expresses very well the final point the raving villains arrived at. Under the current political conditions, sacrifice of the security forces has significant contributions in the lives we manage to lead.  The sense of confidence we feel despite the prevailing conditions was abandoned today. If terrorism is for deterrence, we will not be deterred. If it aims at intimidation, we will not be intimidated. We will never and ever be frightened. We will not be divided, we will not let them divide us. We will struggle till terrorism is choked in its own villainy. We will never forgive those who lost their humanity to such an extent to plan such a bloody act. If there is a specific aim they wanted to achieve by this attack, we will display ultimate sensitivity to act in unity in order for this aim to fail.  

Thanks to the strongly-based values which dates back to the foundation [of the Republic of Turkey],our country and citizens will overcome any problems in unity. No imperialist power can possibly bring us into line through terrorism. Condolences to our nation.

Presidency of Istanbul Bar Association