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Hosted by the Turkish Association of University Women and bringing together 510 univesity women from over 60 countries, 1st IFUW (International Federation of University Women) Congress was held in Istanbul between August 16-21, 2013. Within this framework, all being the members of IFUW, 27 university women,  from different countries and professions paid a visit to the Women’s Rights Center and Prevention of Violence Unit located inside Çağlayan Courthouse (Istanbul Justice Palace). The delegation was welcomed by Att. Aydeniz Alisbah Tuskan, Board Member of Istanbul Bar Association in charge of  the Women and Children’s Rights Centers as well as the Legal Aid Offices of Istanbul Bar Association.    


Meeting 27 delegates, including lawyers, judges, ombudswomen and medical doctors, coming from different countries such as Bolivia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Panama, Portugal and Spain, Att. Aydeniz Alisbah Tuskan rendered general information about Istanbul Bar Association and detailed on how the Legal Aid Offices of Istanbul Bar Association functions and she reflected on the role of Legal Aid Officesand Prevention of Violence Unit in providing easy access to justice for women. Alisbah Tuskan also detailed on the raising-awareness projects run by the Women’s Rights Center of Istanbul Bar Association, vocational trainings tailor-made for the lawyers who want to be appointed in the legal aid system, coordinated works with the press, other women-related NGO’s as well as the Family and Social Policies Ministry. Highlightiing that the Women’s Rights Center and Legal Aid Offices of Istanbul Bar Association play a vital role in the enforcement of the Code no. 6284 on the Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence, Alisbah Tuskan informed the delegates that pro bono lawyers are appointed and legal counselling is offered for the applicants. Last but not least, Alisbah Tuskan shared the statistics concerning the legal aid services offered by the Prevention of Violence Center at Çağlayan Courthouse with the delegates.   


Following the informative session of the meeting, Question&Answer Session provided a ground for the delegates to address their questions to Alisbah Tuskan relating to the highlighted issues during the meeting. 


Coordinator of Istanbul Union of Women’s Associations and President of Turkish Association of University Women  Att. Nazan Moroğlu, 1st Vice-President of International Federation of Jurist Women Att. Ayşen Önen, Former President and Term Member of International Federation of Jurist Women Att. Meral Umut Akarçay, Vice-Chair of the Women’s Rights Center of Istanbul Bar Association Att. Afet Gülen Köse, Secretary-General of the Center Att. Bahar Ünlüer Öztürk and two other members of the Center Att. Sibel Kama and Att. Başak Özge Savcıoğlu Tokgöz as well as Att. Aylin Moralıoğlu, responsible for the Legal Aid Office,  were in attendance during the meeting.


Informative leaflets were distributed to the guests during the visit.

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